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We choose only top-tier battery manufacturers

Battery Installation

We offer professional battery installation services, ensuring your systems are installed correctly and configured to your specific needs. Our team works diligently to minimize disruption to your workflow during installation, and we provide thorough guidance on preventative maintenance post-installation.

We also provide full turnkey solutions for corporations new to the backup power industry.

Battery Replacement Services

Pro-Active or Reactive - Complete EF&I
Penn-Delmar Power's team is committed to delivering robust solutions for your critical infrastructure needs. Our comprehensive Engineering, Furnishing, and Installation (EF&I) services are designed to streamline your operations and optimize your energy storage systems. If you're contemplating a shift from outdated, space-consuming battery strings to a more compact, cost-effective, and low-maintenance battery solution, we are here to facilitate that transition. 

Our experts will design a system tailored to your specific requirements, furnish the necessary equipment, and perform a professional, efficient installation. This end-to-end service ensures you receive a solution that is not only fit-for-purpose but also future-proof, enabling your infrastructure to evolve alongside your business.

DC Load Bank Testing

Penn-Delmar Power is your reliable partner for IEEE 1188-compliant DC Load Testing, offering both in-house and on-site services. We provide 750kw of authentic resistive load testing, a valuable resource in evaluating the performance and health of your battery systems under different load conditions. 

With our sophisticated testing equipment, we simulate real-world loads, enabling you to understand how your system will perform when it matters most. Our same-day reporting delivers immediate insights into your system's condition, ensuring you can make informed decisions about your critical infrastructure.

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Services

We offer diligent battery maintenance services, providing health reports quarterly or semi-annually. Our aim is to prevent downtime and ensure uninterrupted power. Our technicians conduct routine inspections, perform necessary repairs, and replace components as needed to keep your battery systems functioning optimally.

UPS Rentals

We offer a wide range of UPS systems (from 10 KVA to 300 KVA), available for a minimum 60-day rental with no maximum rental time. Rates vary based on KVA size. Lithium-Ion UPS systems are also available.

Battery Testing and Commissioning

Penn-Delmar Power offers comprehensive battery testing and commissioning services, helping you assess your battery system health and identify potential issues early on. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise ensure a thorough analysis of your battery systems for optimal performance

Penn Del Mar Power performs IEEE1188 Discharge Testing. We utilize a custom 750 KW DC true resistant load bank to perform on site or in house discharge testing on both VRLA and VLA(Flooded) battery systems."

Battery Monitoring Systems and Software

Ensure continuous support for your vital applications with our comprehensive battery monitoring systems and software. Our cutting-edge solutions allow real-time battery management, helping you identify potential issues before they escalate and reduce downtime.

We offer EMSYS Bluetooth battery monitoring systems. 

Battery Monitoring for the 21st Century

CellSPY Battery Monitoring is a modern, sleek solution. No messy wires, clunky hardware, or outdated software. Cutting-edge technology that looks good, and works even better.

CellSPY for
All Battery Types

CellSPY Battery Monitor measures Voltage, Temperature, Resistance, & AC Ripple Voltage.

All-In-One CellSPY & Electrolyte Level Monitor

All the features of CellSPY with added Electrolyte Level Monitoring. No Field Calibration & NERC compliant for VLA Batteries.

Cableless CellSPY

CellSPY Battery Monitor with no cables. Designed for retrofits where batteries don’t have tab washers.

Additional Services 

Refurbished UPS Systems

Our refurbished UPS systems are as good as new, having been thoroughly cleaned, tested, and restored.

New Backup Batteries

We specialize in battery replacement using only OEM-approved batteries, ensuring quality and reliability.

Battery Recycling and Disposal

We adhere to Federal EPA guidelines, partnering with smelters across the country for safe and compliant battery disposal.

UPS Spare Parts

We supply refurbished parts for older UPS systems, helping you save time and money.

24/7 Emergency Service

We are readily available to respond to your UPS or battery system alarm or repair needs, any time of day or night.
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